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Symtoms of a slab leak:


The sound of running water when all water is turned off.


High water bills - Although a high water bill could indicate a water leak behind the wall or in your pool, plumbing under the slab is also suspect.


Cracks in walls or flooring could mean the pipe below the slab is broken.

leak locators

Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets or in grout lines could indicate your slab is cracked.


A hot spot on the floor will indicate a hot water line leak.






Find out how much water are you losing.

The meter test is an easy way to determine if your plumbing system is leaking or you may be able to check your water usage on a bill.

Finding your slab leak


Finding a slab leak requires a thorough process with technical expertise.

Locating leaks requires the use of modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators.

Our technicians are experts using leak detection equipment to accurately locate the leak.

Slab leak repair options

Once the leak has been located under the slab, you will be informed how to repair the pipe to its condition it was before the break. We do not advise of band-aid repair options or rerouting all around the residence or business in order to save the insurance company a few dollars.




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