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As we go about our busy lives, we often forget about the plain facts of life  here on this spinning globe: gravity creates an unceasing tension in the  materials we assemble into buildings and other structures. Whether or not we  are paying attention, all of matter is reacting to gravity’s pull, and those forces can result in small tears or holes in facades, roofs  and other parts of a building.  

 Over time, such stresses can result in a hole in a roof, oftentimes at a plane  change area, such as where flashing surrounds a skylight or a chimney. Even if  it’s just a pinhole leak to start, if it is left undetected for very long, that  dripping water can cause serious damage to a building and even adversely affect  its structural integrity.  

 Water leaks are the bane of many condominium owners and many condominium buildings in general. But unlike a drippy faucet or a drafty window,  which often can be simply fixed, water leaks sometimes can be very difficult to  find and fix. Many different technologies exist to help find the source and  the extent of leaks and other technologies can help minimize the damage these  leaks cause. Knowing what makes leaks happen, the ways that they are found, and  how they’re repaired is essential for anyone living in a multifamily building. Because  after all, such a leak might happen in nearly anyone’s unit and still affect everyone in the condo because of a costly fix that all  will have to pay for.  Contact Florida Leak Detection now to help find the leak, fix the leak and refer you to an insurance professional that will get you every penny you are entitled to.


"Every building has water leaks. To sit back and allow that to continue when there is a solution is

  almost unconscionable. You think, ‘Big deal, my faucet is leaking.’ Yes, BIG DEAL: your 

  neighbor’s gone for a year and you’re going to be in litigation for five." If you hire Florida Public Adjusters, they will solve your commercial leak claim problems.


Condo associations and apartment buildings face a unique problem related to undetected water leaks.

Because a large number of units were constructed at the same time, plumbing and water heater failures tend to run in batches. This can easily result in an insurance nightmare from successive claims. Multiple-unit insurance claims are also the norm when one unit's water leak quickly spreads to involve neighbors on all sides. The hassle of handling the cleanup, mold remediation and required repairs pales only in comparison to irate owners and tenants. When multiple water failures occur in quick succession, insurance companies are quick to increase rates or, even worse, drop coverage.

If your facility has lived through the nightmare of an undetected water leak, or if you are proactively looking to avoid one, Our Florida Condominium Leak Detection specialists can help!

We've helped property manager and condo associations all over Florida with their water leak detection requirements. Contact us today to discuss your situations – group contract discounts are available!






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Water leaks in a condo building are generally of two kinds: rain-related or  plumbing-related. Rain-related leaks are any type of water intrusion that typically occurs only  when rain occurs during storms. It’s when rain is forcing water against a window or against a roof. It’s usually related to a heavy rain and wind blowing.


Plumbing-related leaks are constant. The way you can tell if you have  plumbing-related leak is to take a look at your water meter. If the water meter  is spinning when no water is being used that means you have a leak in your  potable plumbing. That’s the plumbing that goes from the water meter to the water fixtures. It’s your hot and cold water line and that plumbing is always under pressure, when  you go to turn on your faucet you get water immediately, that’s because it’s under pressure.

The water meter doesn’t know the difference when you turn on a faucet or if the water is coming out of  a leak. The water meter will move when no water is being used if you do have a  leak.  

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With a winning combination of specialized technology, highly-trained and experienced leak technicians, claim experts and outstanding customer service, you will have the best possible results and the greatest customer satisfaction.