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Our plumbing leak and slab leak technician has been finding and fixing some of the hardest leaks in Florida for decades. Other leak company's call us to help them when they can't find leaks. When you are looking for the most professional outfit to find and fix your leak, even do the dry out and repair after the leak is fixed.. we are a one stop shop. We can even offer you assistance with the claim with the assistance of a Public Adjuster that recovers the tens of thousands of dollars it costs for some of these repairs.



south florida leak detection

Cutting edge technologies


Thermography: We utilize state of the art thermography, which is similar to a color infrared photograph. With it, we can identify tiny temperature differences that can lead us to leaks.


Ultrasound: Our technicians are trained to utilize the 21st century’s most advanced digital ultrasonic inspection system. The Leak Doctor’s sensitive ultrasound devices can “listen” at a frequencies beyond the human range of hearing. To our instruments, even the tiniest leak makes a traceable noise.


Endoscopic Video: Our miniaturized leak detector cameras can “see” into walls, under slabs and under floors. We can pin-point your leak, large or small. Moisture can not hide. Our wireless, high resolution cameras focus through and beyond construction materials, and into the tiniest architectural spaces in search of leaks.



Florida Leak Detection


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